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Shirley Sherrod was once “Georgia State Director of rural development for the United States department of Agriculture” before a blogger named “Andrew Breitbart” posted videos exposing Sherrod of doing things illegal to her company and to the government. Her government saw these videos and was forced to fire Sherrod. After looking over the videos the Secretary of Agriculture “Tom Vilsack” appolagized and gave her a new job. The government and especially Mr. Vilsack appologized because they were wrong in what the videos have shown. The Strategic communication’s big picture is that after this insodent you could see how much something little could effect you in a big way. The internet is a powerful tool and it also isn’t a pleasant thing, it could come back to haunt you as it did for Sherrod. Especially people who blog for a living, people were watching those videos and judging Sherrod just on that. People who didn’t even know her were judging her. It’s bad enough when people you don’t know are judging you, it’s even worse when people you know are judging you. People who have seen these videos can see and understand on how powerful the internet can be, how good or bad the internet can be.


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My name is Brendan Hennessy I am from Corning, New York . I am a junior here at queens and I am majoring in Sports Communication. I also play lacrosse here at queens as well. Being a student athelte as its ups and downs, you know making friends and having fun, but you also have to do twice the work like practice and memorizing plays and doing all of the school work/studying. Its kind of hard, but I think its worth doing it if it means for me I can go to college. Many of people don’t know that 6 people from my high school go to Queens right now, all of which play lacrosse. I know that sounds weird, but its kind of nice to have people you know from home around you and the same people you’ve been playing with for years.

I am taking this course to understand what Integrated Strategic Communication is and how I can use it in my life. When this year is over with I hope to understand what Integrated Strategic Communication is and I hope to use the specifics of what I learned in my life. For example creating this website/blog, could be a useful tool in getting a job or just a fun activity to do. I also hope to get a good grade in this class because I like doing this kind of stuff whether it is making a website or just to be on the comptuer all day it doesn’t matter I like it.

Well I am not much of a blogger, I mean I do have facebook, but I really don’t post much stuff because I really don’t see the point. I don’t have twitter because I think is the most pointless thing out there, I don’t know why people do it, but I believe that the Internet is a fascinating tool and is still adding other components to make it better. With that in mind strategic communication I believe is the internet, it is blogging, making blogs, gathering information anything you need help with. Strategic communication may also mean that you are putting strategies together to help understand what the internet is, how to use it, how to create blogs, etc.

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